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At SleepyEngineers we think it is important to offer customers a streaming deal that suits them so we offer two different tiers of service, Premium streaming for professional stations that need extra guarantees of uptime and bandwidth quality, and Value streaming for hobby stations that are more concerned about keeping costs to a minimum.

100% Up Time is
"best effort"
24/7 Online Support
8/5 Phone support
1 Value Server
Locations: (Dallas, US)
Instant Setup
Standard Value Server
SleepyEngineers Value streaming servers are all hosted on Standard servers, Hosted on standard quality bandwidth. There is No SLA compensation offered for downtime, 100% uptime is 'best effort'.
Centova Cast Control Panel
The best user-friendly shoutcast panel on the market, including easy web-based stream configuration, comprehensive statistics and royalty reports, automatic stream monitoring/restarting and much more!
SHOUTcast and Icecast Server Control
Full Shoutcast and Icecast control is the best control option around, allowing you to change passwords, start/stop, restart, reload server, and even upload introduction and fallback files. Choose your title and URL formats, manage how you appear in the shoutcast directory and many more options.
Unlimited Bandwidth
SleepyEngineer's has NO LIMIT on bandwidth on our concurrent listener plans. but we also have bandwidth plans for those how do not need unlimited bandwidth, so there’s nothing standing between you and a fantastic connection.
5 GB Auto DJ storage
Stash up to 1GB of mp3 files on your account to use with AutoDJ. AutoDJ is system allowing you to play your files even if you’re not there. Perfect for the graveyard shift, or if you’re not streaming live. 1GB not enough for you? Just open a support ticket and ask to upgrade.
Powerful Playlist Scheduler
AutoDJ comes with a state of the art playlist management scheduler and drag-and-drop AJAX media library. Build different kinds of playlist with different typs of rotation, choose your interval music and schedule your music with this easy-to-use system.
Mobile Streaming Supported
SleepyEngineer's supports mobile devices when you use a Flash / HTML5 Player. They can be embedded on your site. You can find suggested Players from our Knowledgebase
Start Page & Code Snippets
Every radio comes with code snippets that you can use in your own page, like Stream Status Summary, Recent Tracks and Song Requests. Recent Tracks are automatically shown with the album cover image from Amazon library. The start page is a simple non-modifiable listening page.
Detailed Analysis & Statistics
Find out exactly where your listeners are from, what player they use and how much time they tuned in. You can also see your Popular Tracks and more info, all with easy-to-read graphs and graphics.
Free Web Hosting Plan
SleepyEngineer's provides a FREE 500Mg website with each streaming plan upon request. does not include a free domain name
Web-based File Management
The addition of a brand new, AJAX-based file manager allows clients to upload, manage, and remove files without ever leaving the familiarity of their web browser.
SHOUTcast v2 / sc_trans v2 Support
We're a bit behind the curve on this one, but support for the latest and greatest in SHOUTcast streaming technology is now here. We've fully integrated sc_trans v2 with Centova Cast's autoDJ system to provide the ultimate streaming experience to your clients.
Mountpoint / Multiple Bitrate Support
Clients using SHOUTcast v2 or IceCast can now create multiple independent mount points through the Centova Cast web interface. This allows clients to rebroadcast their stream in multiple bit rates, or even broadcast multiple independent streams through a single SHOUTcast/IceCast server.
New Album Cover Services
Centova Cast can now integrate with the iTunes Store and to retrieve album covers, information, and purchase links. Each client can specify which services they want to retrieve album information from, and can prioritize the services to ensure that their preferred provider is always tried first.

Your Value Streaming Plan will be hosted on standard server hardware with standard quality bandwidth. We also have our Premium Streaming Plans available If you need your streaming plan to have 100% uptime using clustered servers with dedicated bandwidth.

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Free DEMO!!

Want to test it first? No problem...

Because you will want to be sure that all technical stuff and also your upstream will run perfectly, we offer you to test our Wowza Streaming Service a complete 5 days for free. Test the bitrates (quality) you can upstream with your internet connection and then decide. Yep, no trick! You will get exactly what you have tested before ordering! Click on the link above "TRY OUR FREE DEMO" to place the order for your demo!