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The SleepyEngineers Cloud provides similar functionality to traditional VPS but the resources are on-demand. The cloud model provides shared and redundant resources. Services are billed based on monthly usage. This differs from shared hosting and traditional VPS, where everything is limited to one physical server. In the cloud many servers and storage servers (SANS) are integrated to allow cloud servers to scale up and down as needed.

100% Up Time
24/7 Online Support
8/5 Phone support
20 High-Speed Server
Instant Setup


Over 100 Operating System Templates
Whether you're looking for a specific flavor of Linux or a Windows Cloud Server, we offer them both, with 100 different operating system templates, available to instantly launch a powerful Cloud Server. Our Operating System templates also come with many services pre-installed, such as Apache, MySQL or cPanel, making things quick and easy for you.
Infinite uses around the world
The uses for a Cloud Server are near limitless. With the capability to launch a cloud server in 20 different locations around the world, using one of the over 100 immediately available operating system templates, you can customize your Cloud Server for any of your needs.
Maintian and Optimize
Each Cloud Server can be controlled using our intuitive control panel offering you the full capability to completely setup, maintain and optimize your machine. All of our Cloud Servers come with both SSH and console access for emergencies, allowing you to manage your server from the console in a worse case scenario, such as if you lock yourself with the firewall.
Rebootless upgrades
Don't be the victim of a slow or downed website again; Our Cloud Servers have the ability to grow as your demands increase, all without reboots. That means when the traffic starts coming in, you can add those precious resources you need to stay online. Few other cloud providers can offer memory, disk space or CPU upgrades without rebooting the server.
Auto Healing Technology
Our auto healing technology is a key step in preventing your business from losing sales, productivity and clients. The Cloud Infrastructure powering our Cloud Servers is able to detect an outage as it happens, and can then move your Cloud Server, unharmed and uninterrupted, to a new location in the cloud, where it stays online, and you stay in business.
20 Datacenter Locations
Launch your Cloud Server in any of the 20 datacenter locations available for your use. With the ability to choose the location for your Cloud Server you're able to minimize the latency for your visitors or setup a geographically diverse network of servers. Click on the image above to see all the locations we have.
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Build your Cloud Server the way you need with SleepyEngineers
Here are just a few of the benefits of a cloud plan:

  •   60 Second Deployments
  •   Instant Resource Upgrades
  •   24/7 fast ticket support

  •   Linux & Windows Templates
  •   30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  •   High speed network

  •   99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  •   Guaranteed Resources
  •   Much more!