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Private Label Partners

SleepyEngineer’s Private Label Partner Programs is full-service and allow anyone to setup a comprehensive hosting company without the needed upfront expense of building out a tier-1 data center.

With our Private Label Partner (P.L.P) program you get your own server dedicated strictly to you and your clients. You get the benefit of having your own server without the upfront costs and expense to lease it. Each server comes equipped with SleepyEngineers complete suite of automation tools. You can instantly set up and configure all account features and have a new client up and running within 15 seconds.

The P.L.P program is perfect for CLEC, Telco, or corporations with multiple brands or departments and for hosting providers who do not want to incur the upfront costs associated with opening a tier-1 data center.

Below are the P.L.P. plans.

To signup for the reseller plan you will need to fill out the reseller agreement and fax it back to us.